Eyyy! Welcome to my website! Are you here from my YouTube or Twitch? Or did you just randomly find this website? Anyway - anyone is welcome. I'm a twitch streamer and youtuber and I consider myself very bad at it. Yeah, that's what I think about my skills. idk.

Anyways, wanna hear more? If yes, read on! I play Krunker, Minecraft and sometimes other games. I even have my own MC server! It's an anarchy server - that means no anticheat! Also, there are 32ks (Items with enchantent level 32,767) and they are OP! You can also dupe items ie. make more of them. You should deffo check it out! IP: mc.z3db0y.com

Oh by the way, I also code a lot! I code stuff such as this website, java stuff like FTC code, minecraft plugins. I also code discord bots, which you can find on my API.

So yeah, thanks for checking this website out!